A tool for assisted Business Process Redesign


The continuous optimization of business processes remains a critical success factor for companies. The assisted business process redesign (aBPR) concept guides users in improving business processes based on redesign patterns. Depending on the process data at hand, it generates four types of recommendations that differ in their level of automation. This paper presents a tool implementation of the aBPR concept as a stand-alone desktop application that has been successfully used in several case studies. The aBPR tool uses BPMN diagrams, redesign best practices, and simulation experiments to guide the user to the next best process design in a modeling application.

In Best Dissertation Award, Doctoral Consortium, and Demonstration & Resources Track at BPM 2022 (BPM-D).
Awarded with the BPM 2022 Best Demonstration Award.
Tobias Fehrer
Tobias Fehrer
Doctoral Candidate in IS

Within my research, I focus on topics in data-driven business process management in general and on process mining in particular.