A Multimedia Dataset for Object-Centric Business Process Mining in it Asset Management


The Business Processes in IT Asset Management Multimedia Event Log (Solve4X) dataset is a multimedia dataset for object-centric business process mining in IT asset management (ITAM). It contains 121 instances of IT asset management processes and their ground-truth annotations in 36 scripted video scenes. Each scene includes video recording from two angles, an process event log from an IT asset management system, human movement tracking data (including pose, location in the room, walking speed and handling height), task mining log from the web browser and various additional sensor data (e.g. door and shelf openings, distance sensor). We provide ground truth annotations for business process activity segments captured in the video data including segment time and length, involved humans, IT assets, location and the corresponding business process instance type and ID

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Tobias Fehrer
Tobias Fehrer
Doctoral Candidate in IS

Within my research, I focus on topics in data-driven business process management in general and on process mining in particular.